I wish I could be exactly what you’re looking for…
Many of us suffer because we compare other people’s outsides with our insides. What people show on the outside is what they want the world to see. It’s not who they really are. That’s why it’s important to be yourself. That’s what being real is all about.
Love never gave up on anyone, people give up on love.
I carry your heart with me, I carry it in my heart
And I find peace when I’m confused, I find hope when I’m let down, I hope to lose myself for good, I hope to find it in the end…Not in me, it’s You…
So maybe it’s true that I can’t live without you,
and maybe two is better than one.
But there’s so much time to figure out the rest of my life, and you’ve already got me coming undone.
And I’m thinking two is better than one.
I know i’m not perfect and I know i’m not beautiful. Deal with it… because I do everyday
Sometimes what sets you free are restrictions
Sometimes what makes most sense are contradictions
and somehow, right at this very moment i realized. i realized it was time for me to let go, breathe in and breathe out and just let. us. go . because there wasnt an “us” anymore. we together is only a distant dream that sometimes when i go to sleep, i hope to fall back into one of those memories just for a little while… just to remember what was never meant to be
When it is quiet and I am alone with my thoughts, I think about the things I had always wanted to do, the things I wish I could change, the things I’d wish I could relive over, but most of all I think about the missed opportunities, the people who are no longer in my life, the words I wish I could take back and the words I wished I would have spoken.